Tyneham – No Small Sacrifice

Music, Book and Lyrics By Jordan Clarke

See www.tynehamthemusical.com for further details.

This story is about the villagers of Tyneham at the time of the enforced evacuation in 1943. It is a story of how they come to terms with adversity at a personal and community level. It tells how the human spirit reacts to the effects of war and personal tragedy. It deals with our aspirations and our frailties when facing personal upheaval and loss.

It unpicks human relationships and focuses on how, when we falter, there is almost always someone there for us.

The decisions made by The Government during and following the War signed Tyneham’s death warrant. Circumstances beyond the control of local politicians and villagers shaped the future of the village, the valley and the adjacent heathland. A promise that everyone believed was broken, but there was no going back.

The eviction order of 1943 referred to the villagers of Tyneham as making “no small sacrifice” in the effort to win the War.

Each of the characters depicted in the story sacrifices something of themselves during the demise of their village. Each loses something, but equally, many find new qualities within themselves. They find inner strength and also inner happiness and peace.

They have one thing in common however, respect for each other, respect that is earned and shared, sometimes over many years.

Most of all our story is one of love and hope.


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