Tutt – the Musical

Contact name = kingsley !kinger!mellanby

Contact email address = r.mellanby@btinternet.com

Title of musical = tutt the musical

Type of musical (tick all applicable boxes) = Suitable for amateurs (rights available)

Further information (e.g. synopsis, cast requirements, etc) = minimal set,glorious simple music ,capable of being a large production,tutt tutenkhamens life story. he falls in love with a slave girl and his advisors ,kill him,he curses the world,and howard carter,in the museum,cast tuut,girl,advisor,2guards,howard carter,slaves,,set pyriamid back drop/museum set

backing track for each song,with words,to be recorded when i genarate intrest,and i can play the musical live to anybody as ,the music is simple,but powerful, tutt..a love story

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