Turkish Delight – the Opera

Full professional, Suitable for amateurs (rights available), Suitable for High Schools (rights available), Has been performed

05 – Further information about your musical (e.g. synopsis, cast requirements, etc) = Turkish Delight the Opera – an unusual new work by Giles Howe and Katy Lipson exploring the pleasures and dangers of a scorned woman’s revenge. It follows the final chapters in the life of Betsy Cohen, a stir-crazy Turkish woman driven to a dangerous insanity by her husband’s extra- marital activities.

Betsy’s husband has a mistress. She is flying to Turkey for a romantic few days away. However, her best friend, upon her departure, realizes that he is in fact impossibly in love with her.

Impetuous and impulsive, he follows her to Turkey to declare his love. But when he finds her, she is kissing the Turkish man!!

A passionate fight ensues, and the Turkish man dies in the arms of his lover, leaving her alone and ultimately forlorn in a strange country with nowhere to turn.

When Betsy finds out about her husbands death in a mysterious letter that arrives in the post on her birthday… she is horrified at his gruesome murder, but this blow is eclipsed by her fury and rage at the realization that the man to whom she has dedicated her life was a deceitful and adulterous cad!

Vengeance and retribution become her sole concerns, and consume her entire existence; she manoeuvres one revenge after another, until…


You can find out more about Turkish Delight the Opera, it’s previous productions, and also download for free the video of the show and also several different sound recordings at www.turkishdelighttheopera.com

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