Shadow on the Sun

By Bob Gould, Omri Lahav and Jimmy Granstrom


SHADOW ON THE SUN is a science fiction “musical within a musical” which tells the dual stories of science fiction novelist Jake Temple and the novel he is desperately trying to write.

After the immense success of his first Best-Seller, Jake has sunk into a desolate world of drugs, sex and writer’s block. Flashes of the story he is trying to write come into his mind.

In a world with a shadow on the sun, people live in perpetual darkness and eternal despair. The novel’s hero, scientist Jordan Black, is on the run – an outcast from the elite level of society he used to belong to. Jordan desperately tries to find peace and love as he attempts to escape the betrayal, suicide, revolution and repression that he sees all around him and from the events in his past life that continue to torment him.

Jake, however, has even greater mental torments to try and escape from as he tries to unravel the threads of what is really happening to him from the “fiction” of what he is creating in his mind.

Did Jake really wake with a dead girl’s body lying next to him? Did he kill her? Is what he’s writing more real than his own life? Will he ever discover what is actually real? Will any of us?

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