Of Angels and Demons

By Judit Catan

Angelo falls in love with Bell ex prostitute and now popular singer at the Bar. Harry is the guy who picked her off the streets, had a relationship with her that now ended. He is faithful in his friendship and troubled by being often wrongly portrayed as a stereotype Evangelist. The story centres on Bell’s growing aloofness and her rejecting of both Harry and Angelo’s love, but an accident on the streets softens her and changes her mind about Angelo. We also see her loneliness and her being hounded by past memories of being tormented by her ex pimp. Tania her friend, feisty and hard also of troubled childhood, is still hesitant in saying yes to her guy Adam. An incident outside the Bar on the night Bell returns to sing, causes Harry’s serious injury and Tania’s turnabout from hardness to forgiveness.

Throughout the play, Jack, a type of jester, intervenes with ‘pearls of wisdom’. He is constantly chided by the guys at the Bar, though some of the things he has to say are genuinely relevant.

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