Flop! The World’s Worst Musical

Flop! The World’s Worst Musical FLOP! THE WORLD’S WORST EVER MUSICAL

Full professional, Suitable for amateurs (rights available), Suitable for High Schools (rights available)

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Music/Additional Lyrics: Christopher J. Orton

Book/Lyrics: Robert Gould


SYLVESTER BOYD WHEELER, a 20-something, hyper, blinkered, obsessed wannabe composer/lyricist/librettist, writes a musical and enters it in a TV reality show contest in which viewers vote for the World’s Worst Ever Musical. When the show’s presenter, BARRY THORNTON, announces that Syl’s show is the winner, Syl is ecstatic at the news and oblivious to the fact that to win this contest is NOT a compliment!


Despite being the world’s worst ever musical, the show becomes a smash hit (purely because of the TV reality show’s hype). So Syl is convinced that his next musical, a sequel to the previous one – will be another mega-hit. But he has difficulty getting anyone to invest money in the show – until he meets MONICA NEEDMAN, a nymphomaniac 40-something producer, who is instantly attracted to him and decides to produce his show.


On opening night the critics savage Syls’s new show and it closes forthwith. Monica shrugs it off and takes off with her new Toy-Boy, LANCE – the young star of the show.


Syl is distraught, almost suicidal – until he realizes that what is really important is not fame and success but the love of his long-suffering and deeply caring girlfriend, ALICE, who has stood by him all along the way.


website: www.flopthemusical.webs.com

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