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Title of musical = ALISON

Type of musical = Full professional, Suitable for amateurs (rights available), Suitable for High Schools (rights available), Suitable for Junior Schools (rights available), Has been performed

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Alison – a young hairdresser

Wendy – a young hairdresser, Alison’s friend

Rachael – a young hairdresser, Alison’s friend

Nadine – a fortune teller in her mid 40’s,

has a Eastern European accent

Jane – a night club singer

Jeff – a young mechanic, Alison’s boyfriend?

Phil Wonderland – a con artist

Minor roles

Richard – a young clerk, friend of Jeff

Flick – another mechanic, friend of Jeff

Vladimir – Nadine’s husband

Phil’s bookie friend

Alison’s landlord – Penelope Steal

Disc Jockey at The Turntable

Girls at nightclub

Girls in hairdressers

Parking officer


Act One

Jeff (a young mechanic) and Alison (a young hairdresser) have been going out together for sometime. They are both in love with one another but don’t quite know it – therefore haven’t told each other how they really feel.

The show begins with Alison arriving at her salon (the Alley Cat) to find a “goodbye” note from Jeff. She sings “Someone Somewhere”. Jeff has never had these feelings before and is scared. Alison is shattered to be told their relationship is over plus the fact he didn’t have the courage to see her face to face and talk about it. Her friends Wendy and Rachael tell her “there’s more than one fish in the ocean”. Encouraging Alison to forget about Jeff and move on they sing “Better Wait Until Tomorrow”.

Flick and Richard (Jeff’s mates) have noticed a change in him of late. They warn him off the whole idea of getting “serious” with a girl – “Pull the Plug (If It’s Love)”. Still, Jeff feels he must see Alison and apologise for his foolish actions and admit his real feelings for her. – sings “Alison”.

Meanwhile Alison trying to forget the “break up” decides she wants to be a star – “I Wanna Be A Star” – it could also be a way to find her long lost mother (if she is alive). Phil Wonderland (a con man fronting as a music agent) just happens to be walking by the Alley Cat salon and hears Alison singing. He convinces her he has what it takes to make her famous – “I Want You”.

Seeing Phil and Alison together, Jeff believes it’s too late to make amends and Alison is no longer interested in him. In desperation, he gets advice from Alison’s mentor Nadine (a fortune teller) who tells him to “learn to dance” and he will win her back – “It’s All In The Ball”. On seeing Jeff’s feelings for Alison, Nadine gets sentimental and reflects on how she lost her husband Vladimir and her little girl just after World War 2 – “In A Perfect World”.

Meanwhile back at the Alley Cat salon Alison is given an ultimatum by her landlord Penelope Steal for being behind in her rent. It seems the whole day is turning out to be “A Bad Hair Day”. Alison in desperation takes the earnings for the week, plus a bit more from her friends, and bets it all on a horse race – “The Sport Of Kings”. Phil Wonderland knows “the bookmaker” and gets her to place the bet with him. There’s much jubilation as the horse wins. Alison and the girls go to collect only to find the bookie has fled with the cash.

Act Two

The second act begins with Jeff drowning his sorrows at the Tropicana Bar (“Pacific Paradise”) where he is befriended by a night club singer called Jane. He sees Phil and the bookie throwing money around and gets Jane to spy on them – “I Get My Man”. As compensation for “sticking her neck out” Jane gets Jeff to partner her for a dance competition the following night at the opening of the new “Turntable” disco. Time is tight as Jane has only one day to teach Jeff to dance – “Love You When We’re Dancing”.

Meanwhile while Alison is consoled by her close friends – “Friends”. She is told of the prize money up for grabs at the Disco and sees it as a last resort to resolve her financial problems. Not knowing Phil has all her money she asks him to partner her at the competition.

It’s a big night at The Turntable disco. The official opening number salutes the sixties – “Spinning round and round”.

Just as Alison goes on stage she sings a few bars of a song from her childhood (“In A Perfect World”). Nadine is in shock as she knows the song was composed by her late husband Vladimir and no one else ever heard it. Nadine realises that her “long lost little girl” is in fact Alison. She doesn’t get a chance to talk to her because she has gone on stage.

As the music begins Wendy and Rachael (who saw Nadine’s reaction) run on stage and tell Alison. Being “on top of the world” Alison is ready to dance like never before. Everyone must wear face masks during the dance therefore not knowing who the other competitors are. Phil (who turns up just in time) partners Alison, while Jeff and Jane are also in the competition ready to do their thing.

During the wild song “Rock and Soul” Jeff and Alison end up dancing with each other. They are unaware of their identity because of the masks. A dramatic conclusion ensues. The judges award them first prize.

The crowd calls for the masks to be taken off. Jeff and Alison are totally surprised to see each other. Jeff tells Alison that Phil has been doing the wrong thing by her. Phil, who ended up dancing with Jane, rejects the claim so Jeff knocks him out with one punch.

At last Jeff finally gets his chance to share his real feelings with Alison. Fortunately for him Alison has very strong feelings for him as well – they sing “Without Love”.

The shows ends with – “Never Let Go Of Your Dream”.


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