Alice Through The Plasma Screen


By Dan McCaughern and James Colclough

Alice (a modern day teenager) is struggling with everyday life at home, and like many young people, loses herself in the world of TV, but on this particular day she passes through the TV onto the other side….

Here she experiences the happiness, pain, fun and fear of TV -Games shows, Soap Operas, Movies, Talent Show etc, but then she finds out that the world of TV is not as great as she thought, going from boring, to tasteless -and at times extremely dangerous…but ultimately limited….and what’s worse –she’s stuck there! She eventually manages to return home to her parents, wiser and excited about the future in the real world!

The story unravels through a series of sketches and songs as Alice journeys through the various programmes. These are, mostly, self- contained and, therefore, the musical is easy to rehearse, as the scenes each have their own set of characters, with Alice being the link between them.

The music score is fully notated and the guitar and bass parts are also available as TAB. Backing tracks and full versions are available for rehearsal and/or performance.

You can hear some songs from Alice Through The Plasma Screen by going to Dan and James’ Media Samples page HERE


“The story is very well suited to all age groups. There is lots of scope to add creatively to the scenes if you want to, but everything is there if you don’t. The show is easy to rehearse as each TV programme works as a separate scene. The music is catchy and quick to learn. It varies from rousing football crowds and game show choruses to thought provoking solos. The band arrangements are superb, aimed at competent student musicians. It is a true musical in that most of the show is music. The songs tell the story and express emotions.
Our students loved doing this show. Everyone could have a part. There were crowd scenes where we incorporated dance moves for all. No one person had too many lines to learn. The music was modern. It was funny and it was moving.”

Hilary Waterfall, Head of Music, De Aston School, Market Rasen, Lincs

“Great fun and really easy to rehearse!”

Kerry Greenwood, Head of Drama, De Aston School, Market Rasen, Lincs




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