A Checkroom Romance

Type of musical = Full professional

Further information (e.g. synopsis, cast requirements, etc) = Graphic Novelist Ben Katchor’s and Composer Mark Mulcahy’s A Check-Room Romance Premieres May 13 at The New York Public Library, Commissioned by the Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers. Second Performance Added, May 15


World premiere of A Check Room-Romance by Ben Katchor and Mark Mulcahy presented by Conversations at the Cullman Center.


In this new graphic musical tragicomedy one man’s casual obsession with the architecture and culture of coat checkrooms, ensnares him in a desperate struggle between employment agents, maître’ds, lovesick podiatrists, low-budget contractors, and paraphilic playboys. This piece is performed in concert to a projected backdrop of Katchor’s evocative illustrations.


Check-Room was commissioned by The New York Public Library’s Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers.


Four singers and band.



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